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Terms of Service


We are open between the hours of 8:30A-4:00P, Monday-Friday, and closed on Wednesdays. We try our best to accommodate dates and times that work for our clients, but have limited availability as of now as this is owner ran and operated. We will always send you an email reminding you of services a few days before the cleaning, if you ever need to cancel or reschedule, please use the reminder email as an opportunity to do so!


I ask and advise all clients to give me at least a 48 hour notice with needing to cancel or reschedule their cleaning, failure to do so resolves in a $50 cancellation fee. I understand that things can happen, and will do my best to accommodate as needed.


If the service is only meant to be a one time deep cleaning, we'd suggest you meet the cleaner at your home to let them in. For future cleanings we advise a lockbox, smart lock, or other access. Whatever makes you feel comfortable! A lot of our clients have smart locks or lock boxes hidden safely on their properties.


The pricing formula is size of home + dirt/accumulation + time between cleanings + pets and individuals who live in the home. We will never charge you for services without discussing it beforehand. This includes upcharging for unforeseen circumstances such as an additional pet, construction dust, or things failed to mention when booking services. If you cancel or reschedule a cleaning, the service fee will be altered due the accumulation that can commence between cleanings.


I require payment beforehand and take all forms. Venmo and Square for CCs.

Add Ons

Oven: A deep cleaning of the oven. Due to the nature of my eco-friendly products, all grime/grease may not be removed, but I will try our best (as always)!


Refrigerator: A deep & thorough cleaning of interior refrigerator, including the shelves and doors, freezer excluded. Please remove any items that you don't want ruined. Please remove expired or rotten food before my arrival to make the cleaning easier.


Microwaves: Suggested for microwaves that might not have been cleaned in awhile, or if more attention or TLC is needed besides the standard wipe down that is always provided.


Tub Scrub: Recommended for extra soiled tubs. A deeper cleaning of tubs/showers in need of some extra elbow grease.


Blinds: A combination of dusting and hand wet-wiping blinds (excludes mini metal & plastic blinds as they are easily broken).


Doors: Dusting and sanitizing both sides of interior doors.

If you have questions about additional services and details, please send me an email -!

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