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asked questions

What makes you and your company different from others?

A: I wear a lot of who I am and what I do on my sleeve, so that before I even get started in your home you have a taste or an idea of what to expect when I do. All of the cleaning products I bring to service are made in house by me. They are familiar, holistic, & easy to read ingredients!


I also strive to go above and beyond with my communication, whether that is in person, online, or even through text messages. If there is ever any issue with the cleanings or services provided, please contact me and know the response will be prompt and respectful.


Lastly - one of the biggest take-a-ways that makes me different from other companies? With a personal cleaner in your home, office, or other - you will be getting your needs directly met by me. From the set up of your quote, the cleaning of your home, or the organizing of your next project. It is all me! Which has a much more personal touch and spin on things.

What areas are you currently servicing?

A: At this time I am cleaning and providing services in the Denver Metropolitan Areas

(excludes Boulder, Ft. Collins, Co. Springs, and Pueblo).


Would you like me to be home when you arrive to clean?


* There is absolutely no need to be home when I come to service, as long as you have provided access information prior to arrival. 

* Feel free to be home to provide a walkthrough, entry, and then be about your way! 

* Feel free to be home and secure yourself in a home office, kitchen, bedroom, or other and I will switch places with you after cleaning the rest of the home and will service that space last.

* I am happy to keep keys for your home on file, or if you'd like to hide a key, or provide a coded entry for a lockbox that all suits me just fine!


What are your business hours?


Monday-Friday (8:30AM - 4:00PM)

Weekends (Dependent on Schedule, just ask me!)


What happens if I am not happy with the services provided?

A: I just ask that you communicate this with me within 48 hours of the service(s) provided so that we can find some time for me to come back and rectify those things. Just a soft reminder that we are just humans, and we make mistakes. I appreciate your patience, kindness, and understanding in advance!


What sort of payment do you currently accept?

A: Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, and Credit Cards


What can be expected after booking a cleaning with you?

A: After booking a cleaning, you can expect a confirmation via email and or text message. By providing your phone number, you are opting in to receive text messages.


Cancelation Policy?

A: I understand that things can be out of our hands sometimes. We have families, emergencies, children, pets, and we are in a global pandemic. I just ask for a 24-48 hours notice before your cleaning is set to start if you need to cancel or reschedule. The Cancellation fee is $50!

I am currently only maintaining one home a day, so that you can have my full time and attention while I am cleaning your home. So if/when  you cancel without notice, I am often unable to book anything else in its place. With enough notice, I can find the time to call up and book other clients!


Will you make my bed?

A: Absolutely! I just ask that you provide clean sheets & linens in a spot that is visible when I enter the room. I typically request on the edge of a bed, or on a couch, chair, nightstand as necessary or needed.


Is my date of service guaranteed?

A: It sure is! Unless we have discussed the flexibility or date of service, the day that we have agreed upon is when you should expect me out. If I need to change the date or time of the cleaning, I will call or email you for confirmation.

*I have some clients who have flexibility Monday-Friday, and they allow me to choose which day of the week works best for me.


Anything to know before you come and service my home?

A: At this time I just ask that you pick up any miscellaneous items or things that might 'get in the way' of me doing my job. There is no need to pre-clean before my arrival, as I am prepared to do that when I come.

Unlike other companies I am more than happy to do laundry, put away things, and tidy up in other ways as this falls under Personalized Services. I will even do your laundry or dishes, as long as you ask beforehand and provide me with instructions of where all the things go. Please note this is an additional fee.


Will you take out the trash?

A: Absolutely! I just ask that you provide the location for your bins (whether that be on the side of the house, end of the curb, in a garage, or dumpster behind the building).


What if I have a specific area of my home I do not want cleaned?

A: I just ask that you close that door! Doors that are closed will read to me as a place that should be skipped. If you need a specific door of your home closed for other reasons, please articulate that to me so I can have a note on file to clean behind it anyways, and re-close said door after I am finished.




Things Not To Do

Please do not schedule other home care, maintenance, or services while I am on-site. Especially carpet care or cleaning.

Please do not have your home's AC set above 67 degrees while I am set to service. 70 degrees might feel comfortable when you're working from home, but imagine what it would feel like if you were working out. It gets hot! If you're unable to cool off your home, please provide a fan if you have access to one! I will always do my best, but a cool home makes for a happy cleaner.

Please do not make assumptions, if you have any additional questions or comments just contact me!

Please do not leave out items of value, anything that holds special attention,

or anything irreplaceable when I come to service your home. I will always take extreme precaution in your home, but it is better to be safe than sorry as mistakes happen and I would hate to break, drop, or damage something of great value to you while cleaning.

Please do not have animals who are aggressive or non-friendly to new folx out and about in your home. I would prefer if they were in their crate, or secured

in a room.

Cleaning Products

The products I use are all home-made.

Ingredients sourced are healthy and safe for you, your loved ones, pets, and the earth.

Accent Icons-02.png
Accent Icons-02.png

Eco Friendly, All Natural, and
Cruelty Free

Accent Icons-02.png
Accent Icons-02.png

Castile Soap, Lavender,
and Blood Orange
(just to name a few)

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